Abby Rodler

  • Peer Tutor

Abby is thrilled and honored to help WUSTL writers share their ideas. She is a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish. On campus, while not in class or at The Writing Center, Abby works in the Personality Measurement & Development lab and takes care of old books for the West Campus’s preservation department. In her spare time, Abby likes to watch movies, to be with (or talk about) her cat Bunny, and to eat various pasta dishes with friends and family.

What brought you to The Writing Center?

Having a number of comfortable yet constructive sessions with Peer Tutors at The Writing Center inspired me to become one myself.

What do you like most about working with writers in The Writing Center?

I love getting to read about the fascinating questions students ask and to see style choices that I’ve never tried before. I also enjoy learning about what people are studying in classes that I don’t get to take.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

While I love to come up with supporting evidence for claims, committing to main ideas can be the most difficult first step for me; I often worry that my topics are either too simple or so specific that only I will understand or relate to them.

What advice do you have for writers?

I find that brainstorming can help solve this main idea problem. Rather than rush to the outline or free-write stages, I spend more time thinking about how my ideas connect which can lead to more nuanced and original topics. This makes the drafting less stressful, as I’ve already finished the hard part of finding logical links between my ideas and settling on a main idea. I find that brainstorming can be helpful writers when they have a ton of ideas or are struggling to come up with any.