Benjamin Simon

  • Peer Tutor

Benjamin is a junior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania majoring in American Culture Studies with a minor in writing. He hopes to go into journalism or high school teaching. Benjamin is a staff writer for Student Life and a member of the club basketball and baseball teams. In his free time, Benjamin likes to play sports, listen to music, rep Philadelphia, and eat wings at 3 Kings with his friends.

What brought you to The Writing Center?

As someone interested in journalism and teaching, there’s no better combination on campus than The Writing Center. I get to immerse myself in writing while helping students improve.

What do you like most about working with writers in The Writing Center?

Learning. Every single session I have, I walk away with something I didn’t previously know. Whether that is a new book or an alternative way to think about a historical event, I feel like I get something out of every meeting.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

Finishing a paper. I always feel like there’s more to improve and I’m never quite sure when it’s time to stop. And then there’s always the stress of finally clicking that send button — is my piece really ready to go? Having other people read over my work helps me better determine a realistic end point and gives me confidence that I’m ready to go.

What advice do you have for writers?

Don’t cheat the editing process. To me, this is where the most of the work gets done. Once you get your initial ideas down on paper, it is so important to come back with a fresh mind and review the work you’ve done. Although it can be tedious, it is often where writers truly formulate their ideas. Everyone has their own process, but make sure you carve out the time to give your writing multiple solid read-throughs.