Bihotza James-Lejarcegui

Peer Tutor

Bihotza is a senior Rodriguez Scholar and Deneb STAR from St. Paul, Minnesota. Her major is International & Area Studies, with minors in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and French. Bihotza also speaks Spanish, is involved in WUSauce, and is a co-founder of WNMA (women and non-binary multicultural association).

What brought you to The Writing Center?
I decided to apply to work at The Writing Center because it combines two skills and passions of mine– writing and people. I can improve my own abilities and help others, while learning about my peers and new topics.

What do you like most about working with writers at The Writing Center?
I enjoy figuring out how to polish the paper and how to work with my peers. Each session is different and has the potential to teach not only about writing and teaching styles, but also about subjects I may not know about, and the experiences of others.

What do you find most challenging about writing?
Writing is an intimate process that requires focus and exploration. It requires vulnerability to work through one’s own writing, and even more when it is presented to someone else for review.

What advice do you have for writers?
Your writing may reflect you, your interests, and your skills, but it is also a chance to improve and try new things. It is okay to separate yourself and allow your writing to be its own instead of applying pressure for it to be always a representation of your abilities. Don’t let your ego get in the way of growth!