Carré Sadler

Peer Tutor

Carré is a senior studying English Literature and creative writing.  She serves as the president of the Questbridge Scholars Network on campus as well as the NOIR collective for storytellers.  When she’s not curating playlists for her favorite world saving heroes or perfecting her southern style baked goods, Carré can be found searching for lost folklore and traditions.

What brought you to The Writing Center? 
During an event for incoming first-years I listened to a panelist speak about how she was a peer tutor at The Writing Center and how she enjoyed the work she did there. I’ve been invested in writing from a young age and wanted to explore that passion more, and The Writing Center felt like a place I could do that. I didn’t realize it fully at the time, but that was day The Writing Center became a place where I could envision myself.

What do you like most about working with writers at The Writing Center? 
What I’ve enjoyed most so far is learning about the different writing perspectives of students across campus and understanding the passions they have for their interest. Students have a wide range of passions on subjects I would never have an opportunity to learn about otherwise. Tutoring in The Writing Center is like learning a little about every department on campus and students bring in papers on the most interesting parts of them!

What do you find most challenging about writing? 
I find combatting the pressure to have an entire fully flushed out paper in the first try very challenging.  It’s hard staring at the blank space on paper and wishing you were ahead of yourself instead of realizing that you are on your way and that is enough.

What advice do you have for writers? 
Don’t be afraid to let your excitement drive your writing and start there. If you have a light bulb moment for evidence for a counterargument or the perfect dialogue, write that first!  Let your feelings for what you’re writing drive the content in your preliminary stages and erase the idea of a hard set or rules that define what you write first and focus on identifying the parts you most want to share.