Kate Harnish

  • Senior Graduate Fellow

BA in Art and Psychology, Goshen College

MA in the History of Art, Indiana University

Kate is a PhD candidate in Art History and Archeology and holds a graduate certificate in American Culture Studies, as well as a Teaching Citation.  Her research focuses on the relationships between painting, photography, and print culture in America in the late nineteenth century.  She investigates the shifting cultural weight associated with qualities like originality, singularity, and durability.

During her time at Washington University, Kate has enjoyed working as an instructor of Introduction to Modern Art, Architecture, and Design and as a teaching assistant for all of the introductory survey courses offer by the Department of Art History.  In Spring 2017, Kate was honored with the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

As our Senior Graduate Fellow for Program Development, Kate is currently working to develop and pilot The Writing Center’s asynchronous online services, which will allow writers to submit drafts and receive written feedback.  This will be in addition to our synchronous writing help in which writers meet with tutors via video chat.