Kate Shikany

  • Peer Tutor

Kate is a senior in the Olin Business School, majoring in leadership & strategic management with minors in Spanish and writing. On campus, she is a member of Phi Lambda Psi Women’s Health and Wellness Honorary and Alpha Phi. She also serves as an intern for Washington University’s Office of Public Affairs. Kate has studied in Madrid, Spain through a language immersion program and will spend a semester abroad in Milan, Italy. Upon graduation, Kate plans to pursue a career in public relations or consulting and loves listening to NPR podcasts in her spare time.

What brought you to the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a unique platform to share, organize, and create ideas with others, helping students learn more about themselves as thinkers and writers. During my freshman year, my Writing 1 professor recommended that I apply to be a peer tutor after recognizing my passion for writing, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

What do you like most about working with writers in The Writing Center?

The Writing Center introduces me to spectrum of interests, talents, and experiences of the Wash U community. Through my work with other students, I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for the beauty in diversity. A tutoring session is wholly cathartic, and I often lose myself in the excitement of the collaboration process.

 What do you find most challenging about writing?

I believe the most challenging part aspect of writing is starting. I struggle with leaving enough time to revise my essays, often beginning the night before an assignment is due. Since taking more writing courses, I’ve found that informally free-writing about the prompt breaks the ice and naturally helps me create a first draft, ultimately, improving the end product.

 What advice do you have for writers?

Write something every day. Whether it’s several pages in a journal or the notes section of your phone, you’ll improve your writing skills while releasing tension or discovering ideas that could blossom into a fabulous essay.