Sophie Kielian

Sophie Kielian

Peer Tutor

Sophie is a junior majoring in political science and minoring in environmental analysis and psychology. She is from New York City. Outside of The Writing Center, she enjoys volunteering for Degree of Success, a club that assists justice-involved individuals with resumes and job applications. She also loves to run in her free time and hopes to complete a marathon before graduating.

What brought you to The Writing Center? 
As a freshman, I went to The Writing Center a few times. I often felt unsure if my work would meet the standards of my professors and of the college level in general. However, by using The Writing Center as a resource, and also with time and experience, I found myself much more confident as a writer. Finding myself in this place, I felt like I could help other students, offering support and encouragement that might provide them with the same sense of self-assurance that I found.

What do you like most about working with writers at The Writing Center?
I love the variety in students, topics, and styles that we encounter at The Writing Center. It’s always interesting to hear about the wide range of course topics that are offered at WashU, many of which I don’t have much experience in. I love hearing about these topics from students who are passionate about them and helping them to communicate their ideas effectively.

What do you find most challenging about writing 
I am naturally a procrastinator, so, for me, the hardest part about writing is simply getting started. Papers and essays always feel like daunting tasks. However, once I can get myself excited about the work in front of me, I always have an easier time.

What advice do you have for writers? 
While writing, it’s easy to get lost in your own head and lose track of your ideas. Simply talking through whatever piece you are working on out loud with another person can help organize your thoughts and ensure that they are being communicated clearly. While it can be intimidating to share your unfinished writing with another person, I think this is one of the most effective things a writer can do.