Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment at the Writing Center. Please read the following before making an appointment:

  • All summer appointments will take place online.  We are open but all staff are working remotely.
  • Online appointments take place using the built-in interface in our scheduling system.  To access your online appointment, log into our schedule, click on your appointment, and click on “Start or Join Online Conversation” in your appointment screen.
  • If you have a draft, please attach it to your appointment on the appointment screen.  If you would like to attach a file at a later time, log into our scheduling system, open your appointment, and click “edit appointment.”  Please note:  tutors will read your draft during your appointment, so if you have a new draft at that time, they will be able to read your latest work.
  • All appointments begin at the top of the hour and last a maximum of 50 minutes.  Students who fail to show up at The Writing Center or join their online appointment by 10 minutes past the hour will be considered no-shows.
  • To cancel an appointment more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled time, use our scheduling system.  To cancel with less than 24 hours before your appointment, please call us or email
  • To get on the wait-list for an appointment, simply click on the link below each day’s hours (to the right of your screen on the schedule).  You will receive an automated email notifying you of any appointments that become available.
  • Graduate students should sign up with one of our senior or graduate tutors (these are indicated on the schedule).
  • Anyone working on application materials should sign up with one of our senior or graduate tutors (these are indicated on the schedule).
  • If you are working on a take-home exam, you may make your appointment as normal, but we will need written permission from your instructor if it is not explicitly stated on the course syllabus or the exam prompt.  Instructors should email before the time of your appointment.
  • Please note we are only able to work with you on your own work.  We cannot review something you are bringing in on behalf of someone else.  The only exception is a group project, in which case you should make an appointment and contact us at so we can make arrangements for other group members to access the online session.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  All times on our scheduling system are in CENTRAL TIME (St. Louis time).
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