Writing Center operating online only

For Fall 2021, The Writing Center will continue to conduct all appointments remotely.  We hope to transition to offering in-person appointments again later in the fall semester or by the spring semester.  Please read this information carefully to learn how appointments work.

All appointments only have the online video option.  This does NOT require any special software.  You will access your online appointment through our scheduling system.

When you make an appointment using our scheduling system, you will see that the online option is already selected for you.  At that time, you can attach a file to your appointment.  If you don’t have a draft yet, you can log back into the scheduling system, open your appointment, click “edit appointment,” and add your document as an attachment.

PLEASE NOTE:  All times on our schedule are in CENTRAL TIME (St. Louis time).

At the time of your appointment, log into the scheduling system and click on your appointment.  You will see a link to “Start or Join Online Consultation.”  A new window will pop up.  If you are asked whether you’d like to grant access to your camera and microphone, please allow access.

In the top right corner, you will see an icon with a number next to it.  That number indicates how many people are in the consultation.  When you see “2,” you and your tutor are online and ready to begin.

You will see your image and your tutor’s image on the left side.  In the middle, you’ll see a “white board” space that both of you can type into.  This can be useful for notes, outlines, and anything else you or your tutor would like to jot down.  Anything typed into the whiteboard space will be saved, and you can export the content for later use.  On the right, you’ll see a chat box.  This can be useful if you need to troubleshoot and can’t hear or see one another.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate such an unusual situation.  If you have any questions, please email us at writing@wustl.edu.  For time sensitive questions, you may also call us at 314-935-4981.


If your tutor is not online with you at the time of your appointment, please allow 5 minutes for them to join you.  It’s possible they are finishing up with another student.  If they are not online with you after waiting a few minutes, please call us at 314-935-4981.

If you can’t hear your tutor, make sure your audio is turned up and not muted.  If the problem persists, it can help to close your browser and reopen.  Restarting your computer can also be an option.

If your tutor can’t hear you, make sure your microphone is not muted.  Restarting your browser, and if necessary, restarting your computer can also solve the problem.

If you can’t see your tutor, restarting your browser and making sure you’ve granted access to your camera can help.  But if you can hear each other, we recommend moving forward with the session in order to save time.

For any other issues, please call us at 314-935-4981.